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Rst Cap Hmmrt Hmmrd-Fnsh BRWN PNT 1-Gal
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Masterchem Industries, Inc.
™Rust Cap™, ™Hammerite™ Hammered-Finish BROWN PAINT 1-Gallon
A unique rustproof paint that is formulated with a tough resin base loaded with heat-hardened glass flakes and aluminum particles that bond together when they dry. Provides a high-gloss finish that is decorative and durable. Use on iron and steel, wood and many types of plastics. Not recommended for galvanized metal or aluminum without use of a special primer. In most situations a primer is not necessary, even when painting rusty metal. 1 generous coat is often sufficient, but when recoats are necessary they must be applied within 4 hours or after 6 weeks (hammered finish) or 48 hours (smooth finish). Dries to touch in 30 minutes or less. Large areas should be rolled or sprayed. Covers approximately 200 sq. ft. per gallon. Ideally should be applied at temperatures between 60 F. and 80 F. For best results, clean brushes with Hammerite Brush Cleaner and Thinner. Smooth finishes are listed under Hammerite metal smooth finish. Refer to model No. 41140 for spray.No. 43140: Black,
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