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50 1 2-Cycle Fl Volume:32-UsFlOz
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Arnold Corporation
50 1 2-Cycle Fuel Volume:32-UsFlOz
Pre-mixed fuel and lubricant for 2-cycle engines. 40FUEL eliminates trips to the gas station and the need for an extra gas can in the garage. A precisely mixed blend of high-octaine fuel and advanced synthetic oil; it provides peak performance and protection for 2-cycle engines requiring a 40:1 fuel to oil ration. 40FUEL also incorporates a fuel preservative that keeps the product fresh for over 2 years. And because it has no ethanol, it won\'t harm plastic. Each 32 fl. oz. easy-pour can is ready-to-use, and is the perfect way to fuel small engine outdoor power equipment such as string trimmers, blowers, and chain saws. (Also available is 50FUEL for engines requiring a 50:1 fuel to oil ratio).No. 125538: 32 oz. 40 fuelNo. 0125638: 32 oz. 50 fuel
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